Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baker Hughes (Oil & Gas) Graduate Field Engineers Recruitment

Baker Hughes Nigeria is currently recruiting Graduate Field Engineers. 

Job Position: Graduate Field Engineer - Nigeria 

Job Number:  1109864

Role Synopsis
Field engineers at Baker Hughes deliver front-line technical services and solutions across our drilling, evaluation, completion and production technologies. These are hands-on roles, often outdoors and in demanding or harsh conditions, such as offshore on an oil rig or onshore in the desert.

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities
Field engineers are the key interface between Baker Hughes and our clients on the wellsite. You will be required to participate in the three-year LEAD Program to provide you with the ability to quickly become competent with our technologies and processes, enabling rapid career progression through a sequence of competency-based development steps.

LEAD involves theoretical and hands-on learning. It is flexible and adaptable to different job requirements and work environments. You will be assigned to a specific Baker Hughes product line whose activities may include:
artificial lift services
  • logging while drilling
  • drill bits
  • wireline activities
  • specialty chemicals
  • wellbore intervention
  • drilling fluids
  • cased hole completions
  • coring systems
  • sand control systems
  • directional systems
  • wellbore construction
You will be required to participate in developmental activities which will initially focus on acquiring basic knowledge while working under supervision and will progress to working unsupervised, with a broadening scope of knowledge and skills.

Depending upon your product line assignment, you will be involved in technical activities which could include;
  • Assembling and deploying down-hole equipment at base location prior to being dispatched to well-site. Down-hole equipment may be a combination of electrically, mechanically, or hydraulically activated and operated specialized equipment
  • Designing well-site interventions under supervision using simulation software packages
  • Analyzing rig-site performance data and recommending changes to product configurations
  • Assisting sales representatives in business development activities including presenting to clients under supervision
Basic Qualifications
As well as fluency in English (able to achieve Level 5 on a global English test) and the legal right to work in the country in the region in which you have applied without any restrictions, you will need: 
  • A four-year technical degree or Master’s, completed within the past 24 months, in
    • chemical engineering
    • chemistry ( organic or inorganic)
    • electrical engineering
    • geology
    • geosciences
    • industrial engineering
    • instrumentation engineering
    • mathematics
    • mechanical engineering
    • mechatronics
    • petroleum engineering
    • physics
    • another engineering-related subject.
  • At least three of the following:
    • a minimum grade point average of 3.5/4.0 (2.1) or equivalent
    • relevant work experience
    • evidence of practical / technical capability
    • evidence of relevant extra-curricular activity.  
Desired / Preferred Qualifications
We’re looking for people with self-awareness, self-motivation and persistence as well as resilience and adaptability. You will also need to show creative problem-solving and strong communication and interpersonal skills.
A valid driver's license with a clean driving record may be required in some locations.
Other Details
There is no doubt that the job is demanding, both mentally and physically, especially in the early part of your career, when it is field-focused.
In the longer term, however, and once you have achieved the levels of competence we expect, Baker Hughes offers you the opportunity to progress into a variety of leadership roles. You may elect to stay and build your career in the field, or you can choose to work in operations management or move into product development, sales or another business support position.

How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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