Friday, February 24, 2012

World Bank Recruiting Security Specialists

World Bank Recruiting Security Specialists to be based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Job Title: Security Specialist
Job No: 120328
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Appointment: Local Hire
Language Requirements: English

Background / General Description
The position of Security Specialist – Country (SSC) will be established in the World Bank Group’s Country Office in Abuja, Nigeria.

The incumbent will also provide security support to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Country Office in Lagos. The incumbent will serve in a full time capacity and on-call for emergencies. While reporting to the GSDCS Senior Security Specialist (SSS) for Africa, the SSC will discharge his/her assignment under the direct authority and guidance of the Security Specialist Region (SSR) for West Africa (Anglophone) based out of Lagos and the Country Director in Abuja.

Operational support, direction and technical supervision will be provided by the SSS – Africa, SSR – West Africa (Anglophone), the Global Security Specialist and the Head of Global Security, World Bank Corporate Security. From time-to-time there may be a requirement to provide security coverage in other countries in which the WBG operates.

Duties and Accountabilities

The duties of the SSC are to provide security support to World Bank Group country office staff in the following areas:
a) security management;
b) security awareness;
c) contingency planning;
d) protective services.

Details of these duties are described below but other responsibilities may be added as needed.

a.) Security Management

i. Assist the Country Director in developing and overseeing the day-to-day conduct of the office security program, ensuring preparation of adequate responses to security incidents, natural and man-made disasters.

ii. Develop and maintain a self sustaining security program to offer extended security services to staff. Components of this program include a 24-hour service for all bank staff such as mobile response for criminal activity and motor vehicle accidents.

iii. Provide technical security advice, in consultation with the SSS/SSR and Corporate Security, for the existing and any potential new office including site selection and the establishment of effective physical and procedural security measures.

iv. Liaise with the contracted guard company and host government office regarding the guard services provided to the country office and the residences of international staff members.

v. Manage the video surveillance, card access and other physical security and fire/life safety systems. Carry out evacuation drills periodically.

vi. Conduct residential security surveys at the residences of staff members, and provide advice as to possible remedial actions that will improve security profile.

vii. Provide general residential security advice to all staff.

viii. Provide advice on security arrangements of hotels the country office recommends Travel Services to negotiate agreements with.

ix. Liaise with local law enforcement, diplomatic/international organizations and private security officers in close consultation with the Country Director or designee. Develop and strengthen contacts with local authorities. Monitor status of local investigations involving Bank Group interests.

x. Assist staff and visiting missions reporting (criminal incidents, suspicious activity, and special coverage) to the local authorities and WBG management.

xi. Provide Visiting Missions with advance practical security advice and contact information, arrival briefing specific to their mission and communications and logistical support for field missions. Ensure a viable system is in place to track, note arrival/departure/residence changes, and coordinate with UN-DSS and the Watch Office.

xii. Develop and submit a Security Risk Assessment within the GSDCS specified frequency for the country of responsibility.

b.) Security Awareness

i. Provide security briefings to all newly arriving staff and visiting missions.

ii. Provide customized security advice and support for field missions.

iii. Constant monitor of the environment with an eye on issuing any security advisory through the Country Director or designee that may affect the safety and security of staff, families, and/or WBG operations.

iv. Draft security advisories with advice on risk mitigation for issuance by the Country Director or designee on the general security situation, specific incidents and during periods of heightened threat. The security advisories must constantly contain new and crisp information to continuously draw the attention of staff to the import message relayed by the advisory as recirculation of old advisories will simply lead to staff no longer paying attention.

v. Conduct periodic security awareness briefings for all staff.

vi. In conjunction with the Country Director and SSS/SSR, deliver relevant security training to Country Office staff (and, as needed, for dependents).

c.) Crisis Management

i. Coordinate revisions of the Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plan (ERBCP) on a bi-annual basis or more frequently as required or directed.

ii. Serve as advisor to, and conduct training for, the Country Office Emergency Management Team.

iii. Maintain and update as necessary all country office contingency planning material, reference documents and annexes.

iv. Organize periodic tabletop exercises to test the ER&BC Plan.

v. Maintain and periodically test the staff telephone tree and warden system.

vi. Organize security and fire/life safety training and briefings for all staff.

vii. Maintain and enhance the country office travel management system and WBG travel clearance program in coordination with the Watch Office and UNDSS to track the location and contact information for all visiting mission personnel. Ensure that the Emergency Staff Locator (ESL) data base is implemented and used accordingly which will positively contribute towards account for staff during emergencies.

d.) Protective Services

i. As required, accompany WBG staff on identified high risk movements to provide hands on security management and reduce the risk for injury or attack. Constantly assess the immediate surroundings as a gauge to evaluate the level of assistance required to provide effective security support of the mission.

ii. Initiate emergency response actions in the event of an emergency or a direct or indirect threat to the senior official. Take proactive measures to prevent involvement in such activities, and perform reactively to avoid/escape from those in progress.

iii. Review weekly staff travel schedules and projected travel itineraries to identify potential security and safety-related issues

iv. Assist the Country Director or designee by notifying and arranging police and security support for visiting senior World Bank officials, as may be required and needed.

v. Arrange special police protective services support for staff receiving threats due to their Bank related duties or such support that may be required for visiting missions.

vi. Coordinate security arrangements for Bank sponsored conferences.

vii. Conduct site advances for visiting senior officials of the Bank, visiting missions and conferences.

Selection Criteria

Masters degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent education in specialized technical training, specific skills or technologies is preferred.

5 years experience with a law enforcement, military, intelligence, public or private security organization.

Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with executives, managers, staff, government, military and law enforcement officials.

In-depth knowledge of the institutional and socio-cultural dynamics that determine the security and business continuity challenges in Nigeria, including proven expertise in handling security events with durable positive outcomes.

Demonstrated experience with operational planning to include physical security project management and staff travel coordination/monitoring.

In depth knowledge of the development of security policies and procedures consistent with operations in a high risk environment. –with a general understanding of threat mitigation and high risk operations.

Ability to develop detailed security advisories and notifications for consideration and implementation by the Country Management team.

Knowledge of executive protection security practices.

Ability to communicate effectively in English-–orally and in writing.

Excellent computer skills and familiarity with standard computer packages. Conversant with Microsoft office packages – Word, Excel and Power point and the ability to effectively use email and maintain other date bases.

Application Deadline
2ndd March, 2012

Method of Application
Interested candidates are requested to submit their applications online by clicking this before close of business on March 2, 2012.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Paper application will not be considered.