Thursday, March 8, 2012

Renaissance Group 2012 Graduate Trainee Programme

Renaissance Group Recruits for 2012 Graduate Trainee Programme.

Renaissance Group offers unparalleled financial, investment and management expertise in high-opportunity emerging and frontier markets around the world.

Renaissance selects highly motivated and focused graduates for a formal Graduate Programme at the Renaissance Academy.

Job Title: Finance and Markets Graduate Program
Location: Lagos, Victoria Island, Nigeria

Depending on the area selected, the training programme will equip you with the technical, financial and soft skills needed for investment banking revenue creation or a career in business management.

Successful trainees are our pipeline of exceptional new talent for each of our business areas.

We are seeking graduates with the following characteristics to join the Renaissance Academy:

Academic excellence

A commitment to banking

Motivation and focus

Fluency in English and the local language of the country applied for

Outstanding communication skills

The ability to play as a part of a team

Strong analytical skills



The ability to solve problems quickly and methodically

The Course content is following:


Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis

Company Valuations and Financial Modeling

Equities and Equity Markets

Derivatives, Financial Math/Bond Math

Fundamentals of Bonds and Fixed Income Products

Project presentations

Soft skills trainings

Final Assessment as a result of Training

What happens afterwards?

On completing the Program, you will join one of the business areas in Front Office.

Application Deadline
31 March, 2012

How To Apply
If you are a recent Graduate (2011-2012) and you are eager to join The Renaissance Academy, there are just 4 steps of the recruitment process to apply.