Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CGS Conflict Prevention and Recovery Actuators (CPRA) Massive Recruitment

The CGS Conflict Prevention and Recovery Actuators (CPRA) was created in 2001 in direct response to the importance of Recovery issues, Security, Development and Peace.

We work to support Governments and States around the world to restore the quality of life for men, women and children who have been devastated or affected by violent conflict, crisis, under-development or natural disasters.

The organisation is the coming together of specialist in the field of DDR, SSR,
Conflict-Prevention, Classification and Stabilization as well as specialist from the
Academia, Military, Intelligence and the Corporate world.

Our objective is to provide a veritable platform for Governments and Individuals to
pro-actively intervene in stemming the tide of violence, conflicts, poverty and under-
development through the use of programmes to terminate the conflict or mitigate
the fall-outs and restore the people and area back to the status which allows for
Security and Development to thrive.

CPRA provides a bridge between the Government, State officers and Agencies
which handles immediate needs and long-term development activities required to
carve stability out of chaos.

CPRA also assist Government and State officers to find new ways of preventing
violent conflicts and of encouraging development—earlier, faster and for longer
term results.

We step in before the conflict escalates and provide solutions. We provide the
framework for quick recovery as well as implement measures to consolidate and
sustain the peace. Our strategic plan identifies three specific goals as priority
areas for crisis prevention and recovery

Available job positions:

1. Manager - Accountability and Ethics
2. Manager - Operations
3. Senior Manager - Capacity Building
4. Admin manager - 4 - 10 years experience
5. Technical Officer - IT, Network, Server. 4 - 10 years
6. Accountant - 4 to 10 years experience
7. Account Officer - 4 - 10 years experience
8. Operation Officers - 2 - 10 years experience
9. Marketing/Sales Executive - 2 - 10 years experience
10. Admin Assistant/Receptionist - 2 - 10 years
11. Software Developer - Fox Pro, SQL, PHP or Others

i. - Consultants
ii. - Research Assistants

1. Must have OND, HND, BSc, Masters or PhD
2. Must have at least the minimum experience
3. Verifiable referees
4. Verifiable working experience
5. Must be able to use MS Word at least
6. Must not be less than 20 or more than 55 years

The job is located in Abuja with deployment to all
parts of Nigeria and International.

Application Deadline
26th April 2012

How To Apply
Interested candidates should: