Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oando Nigeria Vacancy : Offshore Installation Manager

Oando Nigeria is Recruiting for Offshore Installation Manager who will Manage the planning and efficient execution of the drilling program in coordination with Client Representative and rig department heads. Authority I

» Vacancy Details
Vacancy Title Offshore Installation Manager
Department Rig Operations

Date Published Jan 24, 2012
Closing Date Feb 7, 2012

Vacancy Description
- High school diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications
may be substituted in lieu of formal education.
- Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates.
- Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit basic computer skills.

- Manage the manpower and resources of the rig to achieve optimum performance so as to ensure the well program is

carried out in a safe, efficient and productive manner.

- Promote and ensure that all Company Policies and Procedures are communicated and understood by personnel on
the rig.

- Hold daily operations meeting with Client Representative and rig department heads. Authority I

- Ensure pre-job meeting is carried out for hazardous situations and non-routine operations. Authority I

- Monitor all onboard equipment and systems usage, supervise testing and inspection of critical equipment and systems, and ensure operational parameters and limits are observed. Authority I

- Monitor the application of the Company Preventative Maintenance System program. Ensures equipment and systems are operational by setting priorities on equipment repairs. Authority I

- Organize and supervise the activities of drilling, marine and maintenance departments and ensure rig specific procedures are understood and observed by all personnel onboard. Authority I

- Responsible, along with Client Representative, for all third party services on the rig. Authority I

- Promote and maintain a good working relationship with Client Representatives, department heads, and third party personnel. Authority I

- Ensures rig complies with Flag State and certifying Regulatory Bodies Authority I

- Maintain daily communication with the Rig Manager on all relevant activities regarding the rig’s operation and needs. Authority I

- Plan operations with the Marine department as related to rig moves, mooring, station keeping and stability. Ensure guidelines of the rig’s Marine Operations Manual are understood and followed. Authority II

- Develop and submit a consolidated rig’s annual maintenance budget for approval, and responsible for managing compliance on an annual basis. Authority I

- Review all rig generated requisitions. Authority I

- Manages warehouse inventory level to comply with targets. Authority I

- Ensure that the Company EHSQ policies and other programs are communicated to and understood by all rig personnel. Authority I

- In line with the contractual and legal authority as the Man-in-charge, ensure to stop all operations on the rig including marine and well operations that will jeopardize the safety of personnel and the rig. Authority I

- Play an active part in the weekly meetings, Quality Improvement Plan program, and all other Company safety management systems. Authority I

- Ensure new arrivals receive a full safety briefing and induction on the rig. Authority I

- Ensure that drills and exercises involving the use of all types of lifesaving, fire fighting and other safety equipment are conducted regularly in line with contractual requirements and our EHSQ manual. Authority I

- Ensure a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained onboard the rig. Authority I

- Ensure the Emergency Response Plan is in place for the rig and understood by all personnel on the rig. Authority I


- Meets the training requirements as per the applicable training matrix Authority I

- Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work at their next job level. Authority II

- Ensure proper and relevant communication with all onboard personnel. Authority I

- Ensure all employees on the rig receive an annual performance appraisal. Recommend promotion or disciplinary action up to and including discharge. Authority I

- Manage the rig’s training program to ensure all personnel are competent to perform their allocated job. Authority I

- Make recommendations for transfers and promotions. Authority I

- Ensure that all erring rig-based employees receive timely and documented performance notification memo, query or verbal warning. Recommend disciplinary action up to and including discharge. Authority I


Authority I: To act.

Authority II: To act but inform supervisor and/or other interested parties.
Authority III: To obtain supervisor’s approval before acting.
Note: The above is not a complete list of duties but a guide as tasks and objectives can change on